Tinderbox™ Web Services

As part of the Deploy group, Tinderbox provides internet solutions across a wide gamut of business types and sizes. With services such as fully scalable web hosting and email, starting for as little as £5 a month, right up-to corporate cloud hosting solutions and super-secure custom internal systems development.

Helping You Make the Right Choice for Your Web Services

Many people understand that the internet can play a vital role in the future of their business, but are not sure exactly how. We offer a free web services consultation to anyone interested in using internet technology in taking their business to the next level.
"We look at your requirements from a business perspective. It's important to be able to have a conversation with a development company about real world things such business needs, user limitations and financial viability.
See the table below for an overview of Tinderbox's products and services.

New Start-up/Turnkey Products and Services

Product/Service Description
Domain Registration Register any available .co.uk or .com domain for as little as £5 a year. Tell me more
Spark™ Starter Pack Small business/pre business starter pack. Consists of a domain name, 1 page website, email facility, logo design and business cards, and compliment slips. Tell me more
Small Business Hosting Pack All you need to get your business up-and-running online. Includes 1 domain name with up-to 3 associated email addresses and up-to 3gb of storage. Tell me more
Mailcast™ Lite Start spreading your message with beautiful, rich-media, HTML emails. With Mailcast Lite you can send up-to 500 emails a month to any email list. Tell me more

Standard Products and Services

Product/Service Description
TBX 100 Standard Business Hosting Pack. Includes up-to 10 email addresses, 10gb of storage, 3 databases and 200gb of monthly bandwidth. Tell me more
TBX 350 Standard Business Hosting Pack. Includes up-to 30 email addresses, 50gb of storage, 10 databases and 1tb of monthly bandwidth. Tell me more
TBX 1000 Professional Business Hosting Pack. Includes up-to 50 email addresses, 100gb of storage, 10 databases and Unlimited monthly bandwidth, (based on our fair usage policy). Tell me more
Custom Hosting We also provide custom hosting packs on both Windows and Linux, which can be tailored to your specifications. Tell me more
Mailcast™ Mailcast™ uses the latest mail server technologies to help you spread your message to your marketplace. Integrating a slick, easy to use interface with 'inbox friendly' rich-media graphics and IP addresses, Mailcast™ is what smart business is using to talk to both existing customers and new prospects alike, and making more sales in the process. Tell me more
Back-office Solutions Tinderbox's back office systems are used by organisations up-and-down the UK for applications as broad as custom billing systems to full, back-office stock management and order fulfilment. If you have any bespoke software requirements or would like some advice on a way forward then talk to us about booking your free consultation. Tell me more